A gypsy boy with robot parts.

Beep. Bloop. Whiririr.

Organic skin and a metal heart.

Boip. Slirp. Whiririr.

  1. Sometimes there’s nothing better than staying up late, being stoned, and listening to music.

  2. Can’t stop listening to her.

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  3. My wife told me that she would be fine with a sister-wife.

    But it’s hard to want the moon when you’ve already got the sun.

  4. Love.

    After being with my wife for 3 years now, I love her more than ever.  

    Honesty, open hearts, and open minds.  As long as two people have those things, I’m convinced they can make it far.

  5. Afterlife

    I, like I assume most people, have thought about the afterlife quite a lot.

    I’ve figured out what the perfect after life for me would be.  I realize the futility of trying to guess what the after life would be or theorize about its make up. Logic is not always the driving force my thoughts.

    I imagine the after life is reminiscent of the Native American idea of the Great Spirit.  My soul floats in a mass of other souls, all overflowing with love.  It’s the only emotion left after living so many lives. 

    I stare down at Earth and see every life in front of me.  Time, of course, is no factor or detriment.  Every time I choose a life, it is to answer a question.  What would drive someone to murder?  What experiences would drive someone to be a bad mother?  A good father?

    What would it be like to be blind?


    I look hard at each life before settling for one that gives me new experiences not quite like the others.  I choose this life to grow.  To learn how to love in new ways.  Always growing.

    I live.  I die.
    I live.
    I die.

  6. Pisces

    Every Pisces I’ve ever talked to has felt as if they are 2 different people battling for one body.

    I’ve grown to wonder if this is how everyone feels every day.

    Is it just us?

    Is it just me?

  7. classic-art:

The Old Mill
Vincent van Gogh


    The Old Mill

    Vincent van Gogh